Prison Simulator

Prison Simulator is a first-person simulation game that puts a bit more emphasis on story than similar titles in the genre. In the game, you play a prison guard, and now it’s up to you whether you’ll abide by the law or let this place and its inhabitants corrupt you. After all, who said you had to be a model guard? Perhaps, instead you prefer to trade with prisoners, help them smuggle, and bet on the outcome of prison fights? After all, everyone likes to have a good time. Especially in a sad place like this, where you are also the boss. Or at least you think you are. So, what now? Do you choose to follow the rules, intercept contraband, count prisoners, put them to work, take care of their basic needs, and keep prison gangs under control? Or do you switch to the dark side? Whatever you choose, remember that your actions will have an impact on the facility itself,  the inmates, and most importantly, the rest of your career.

Unique features of the game:

  • Try to find a balance between following your superiors’ orders and doing small favors for the inmates.  In this way, you’ll maintain a fragile balance between the two and benefit from the gratitude of both parties.
  • Become a model prison guard in the Campaign mode. Accept new prisoners, search the cells for contraband to confiscate, view surveillance footage, maintain peace and order, respond to disobedient prisoners, and perform many other tasks assigned to you by your superiors.
  • Or ignore all the rules in Free Play mode. Do whatever you want, discover the most remote corners of the prison, explore the environment, and interact with the prisoners. Just remember that your actions will affect both the prison guards and the prisoners themselves. Especially if you punish the latter frequently and for no apparent reason.