Security Guard


In Security Guard Simulator you can take on the role of an ordinary security guard or build your own security company. In the game, you take on security service jobs, starting with simple tasks like installing a surveillance in a private home. As the company develops, more serious and dangerous tasks are added, such as protecting a celebrity during a festival, or safely transporting money to the treasury … More than once you will have to make a difficult decision that will decide the success of the task or the life of a person. But those are the jobs that pay the best. However, the better your business is doing, the more your team members are at risk  from a suspicious organization…


Unique features of the game:

  • A bodyguard character with his own personality
  • Main character and the necessary equipment upgrades 
  • Varied tasks, including the use of the right weapons
  • Varied, atmospheric locations (houses / mansions), and even celebrities