Baked Games


Our Team

We have honed our exceptional experience in weekend game jams, countless hours working on games, and building and maintaining extensive relationships in the game dev world. These are now paying off with a host of practical tips provided by the teams at Techland, Division48, and PlayWay. The tips will not only be implemented in current productions, but will also be incorporated into all future titles.

The team of the game studio Baked Games consists of 9 people: Game Designers and Programmers, Graphic Designers and Motion Graphics Artists; people who have been passionate about various types of computer and board games for many years. They have turned their passion into expert knowledge, backed by a university education in new technologies and programming.

At Baked Games, they can give free rein to their creativity and develop titles that not only offer good gameplay and a captivating story, but also advanced graphics that meet modern quality standards.