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Baked Games

Our story began in 2015, and although the idea for Baked Games was born much earlier, as enthusiasts of new technologies and games, we wanted to launch productions that would win the hearts and minds of fans of computer games.

Our first productions were mainly aimed at the youngest recipients and were created for external clients,  such as the popular Water World of Minimini Fish realized for Canal +. The experience we gained in running game projects allowed us to develop procedures and business models that brought the first profits.

The next step was the cooperation with PlayWay S.A., our publisher. The result of the joint work was Hotel Dracula, the computer game that won loyal fans. It was a turning point in the company’s development, because it became clear that our products – both those for children and those for companies and corporations – were highly appreciated. This whetted our appetite for more, while the knowledge and experience we had gained allowed us to realize another dream: producing our own games for gamers from all over the world.

The name Baked Games also has a slightly broader meaning. With the word Baked, we wanted to show that we do not focus on a specific target audience, but we make games for gamers of all ages. Baked Games is our bakery, and the name refers to the diversity of projects, because we do not just focus on one segment of games, such as simulators, but we also want to bake other types of digital entertainment.